Comprehensive eye examinations which include:
• A thorough refraction and accurate prescription
• Evaluation of eye health and binocular vision
• Dilated fundus examination
• Visual fields (if indicated)
• Discussion of suitable spectacle and contact lens options best suited for the patient
• Occupational lenses, such as computer glasses
Evaluation and management of Eye Disease, including:
• "Pink Eye" Treatment
• "Itchy" and "Burning" eyes due to allergies
• Dry eye management
• Eye lid disease and stys
• Corneal diseases and abrasions
• Contact lens related problems
• Foreign body removal
• Eye pain
• Cataracts
• Macular degeneration
• Glaucoma
• Diabetic retinopathy
• Headaches

Contact lens fitting, including:
• Soft disposable contact lenses
• Toric lenses for astigmatism
• Bifocal and monovision lenses
• Extended wear (overnight) lenses
• Aspheric lenses for improved vision
• Lenses to change eye color
• Rigid gas permeable contact lenses
• Lenses for people who have difficulty wearing contact lenses due to dryness

Insurance Billing:
• Our office is pleased to submit your vision insurance for you
• Beth will submit forms in a timely manner
• We participate in most plans of:
• VSP (Vision Service Plan)
• VCP (Comp Benefits)
• Eyemed
• Medicare, Anthem Senior Advantage, Medicare Complete
• Superior Vision
• Caresource, Medicaid
• Anthem, Humana, Medical Mutual, United Health Care (excluding Optum Health)
• Harrington, AARP Secure Horizons, Aetna, Underwriters

We will be happy to help you determine your insurance eligibility
We Accept the following:
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